South Carolina Department of Mental Health

2013 DMH Community Forum Schedule

Patient care, services, technological advances, education, advocacy, partnerships, and brighter budgetary prospects are a few of the topics discussed during the South Carolina Department of Mental Health’s (DMH) community forums.  The forums are being held statewide at DMH mental health centers, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Facilitated by State Director John H. Magill, he opens each forum with a brief history and a current overview of mental healthcare operations in SC.  Two additional distinguished guests from the local area, each with a special interest or stake in mental healthcare, and the facility director also speak briefly before fielding questions from the audience. The primary goal of these forums is to enhance community relations and raise understanding of the far-reaching benefits of working together.

Typically, the forums are attended by the leaders of local hospitals, state agencies,  schools, advocacy groups, law enforcement agencies, courts, legislative delegates, city and state government, to name a few. Action plans are developed as a result of each forum.

“These forums are an excellent venue to raise awareness of mental health issues and the services we provide. They provide an opportunity for local citizens to voice their concerns, and hopefully, through partnerships we will develop solutions to shared problems,” Magill said.

2013 Forum Schedule
Facility Date
Columbia Area MHC January 17
Greenville MHC February 7
William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute February 21
C. M. Tucker: Roddey & Stone Pavillion May 15
Morris Village Alcohol & Drug Addiction
Treatment Center
June 27
Lexington MHC July 18
G Werber Bryan Psychiatric Hospital September 12

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